Answers to Questions from Community Meeting

Here are some answers to questions raised at the community meeting on 3rd May 2022.

What TPO (tree protection orders) are in place on the land

Below is a map of the area with the TPOs listed.  All the red boxes and circles are TPOs.  Some are for individual trees; some are for clusters of trees.  To look at the interactive map yourself, follow this link –

You will notice TPO-1648-2018-W1, which is the large area at the top of the image, slightly off to the left.  This is the woodland where Berkeley Homes wants to put a road through.  There are also TPOs for the trees lining Blagrove Lane.

What’s the timescale for the LPU (local plan update)

It is anticipated that the LPU will be adopted by the end of 2023.  More information can be found here

Is the occupation of housing a planning consideration

This isn’t usually something that comes up.  Developers are unlikely to build in an area where houses are not selling and relate to the open market, which isn’t in the control of the planning authority.  There is no harm in using this if wanting to object to a planning application, but given the above comment, it’s not likely to happen. 

Is affordability a planning consideration

Yes and no.  Ultimately, the local planning authority has to meet the 5-year land supply.  Affordability won’t impact that as a planning authority is required to meet that.  However, a developer at appeal may try and say that an area needs more housing to help with affordability (I’m not saying they will, but it’s possible).  Since building more houses doesn’t improve affordability, it’s a weak argument anyway. 

Protected species

This is a really useful link to the government guidance on this  There is a table in there with different protected species for different habitats and includes:

  • Bats
    • Breeding birds
    • Badgers
    • Reptiles
    • Great Crested Newts
    • Barn Owls
    • Fish
    • Otters
    • Water Voles
    • White-Clawed Crayfish
    • Dormice
    • Invertebrates
    • Natterjack Toads

Environmental Impact Assessment

This relates to the application on the planning portal numbered 220856.  This asked for a screening opinion on whether an environmental impact assessment (EIA) was required.  The requirement for an EIA is usually triggered by large developments with potentially significant environmental impacts.  For example, applications for landfill sites, airports, motorways etc.  The proposed development does not trigger the requirement for an EIA.  However, they will still need to do all the other required assessments like an ecological report, environmental statement, etc.

Ian Andrews