Save Our Blagrove Countryside – Update Dec 2023

Disappointingly Berkeley Homes has re-submitted their planning application to build 350 houses between Evendons Lane and Barkham Road.

The application is live and we need you to object to the Wokingham Planning Office (see how-to below).

A massive new estate is being proposed that will join Evendons Lane to Barkham Road, with a new road cutting through long-established woodland near the Leathern Bottel pub. This vast development removes green fields and will destroy the rural character of the area. The effect on the existing roads (especially Barkham Road and Evendons Lane), infrastructure, trees, hedgerows and wildlife will be catastrophic.

This development will close the green space between Wokingham and Barkham. There will be years of noise and disruption during construction. The already stretched local services such as schools and GP surgeries will be put under unsustainable pressure.

PLEASE ACT NOW – To Save Our Blagrove Countryside!

Visit the Wokingham Planning Portal and search for application 222306 or follow the link here

Here are some key objections you might wish to use when submitting your comments on the proposed development:

  • Natural Environment: At least 164 mature trees will be felled if this development goes ahead, destroying vital habitats for many protected species of animals and birds. Whole ecosystems will be destroyed.
  • Road safety: A new junction onto an already dangerous part of Barkham Road and the huge change to the junction of Evendons Lane and Finchampstead Road will have a very negative effect on road safety.
  • Loss of Open Countryside: Once developed, this green space is gone forever, impacting our community’s overall quality of life.
  • Increased pressure on infrastructure: Local Schools and Doctor’s surgeries are already over-subscribed. Children are already being placed outside the borough because of a lack of places. Adding 350 houses to the west side of Wokingham without matching infrastructure will place an intolerable strain on them.
  • Increased Flood Risk: Blagrove Lane already floods most winters and concreting over this huge site will cause a massive increase in run-off. The developer’s flood mitigation plan will not work because of the topology here.
  • Preserve the Wokingham-Barkham Settlement Gap: This land has never been designated for housing development and is crucial for maintaining the distinct character of Barkham and Wokingham.
  • Sustainability: The proposed public transport plan is unsustainable and depends on the No.3 bus service which is already under threat and may be withdrawn before the planning process is complete.
  • Traffic: The developer proposes closing Blagrove Lane which will force all traffic from Evendons Lane, Doles Hill, Manor Rd and all of their subsidiary roads through a major new junction between Evendons Lane and Finchampstead Rd. As well as causing inconvenience for many people, and destroying lots of mature trees, this will be dangerous for children entering and leaving Evendons Primary School.
  • Changes for 2023:The developer has updated some documents but hasn’t made substantial differences. The plan now includes a ‘plot’ for a care home but no funding to set up or run, and this is not at the request of the council. The proposal is wrong for many reasons and please take a few minutes to make your voice heard.

More Information

There is lots more information on this website

Ian Andrews