New Date for Planning Objections

Don’t let the developer ruin our countryside! Please act now and stop this disastrous development!

You may have heard that a developer wants to build 350 houses on the land between Barkham Road and Finchampstead Road, destroying our precious green space and wildlife, and creating more traffic and pollution. This is a terrible idea that will harm our community and our environment.

The deadline for objecting to this proposal has been extended to 28th December, so you have a chance to make your voice heard and stop this madness.

All you need to do is visit the Wokingham Planning Portal [here] and search for application 222306. Then you can submit your comments online and tell the council why you oppose this development.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should object:

  • Services: This development will put too much pressure on our local services, such as schools and doctors, which are already struggling to cope with the demand. Do you want your children to go to school far away from home, or wait for months to see a doctor?
  • Roads: This development will make our roads more dangerous, especially the Barkham Road, which is already notorious for accidents. The developer wants to create a new junction near a bend and a hill, which will make it hard for drivers and pedestrians to see each other. Do you want to risk your life every time you go out?
  • Trees: This development will destroy our natural environment, which is home to many protected species of animals and birds. The developer plans to cut down at least 164 mature trees, which provide shade, oxygen, and beauty to our area. Do you want to lose our green lungs and our wildlife?
  • Traffic: This development will cause inconvenience for many residents, who will have to use a different route to access Finchampstead Road. The developer wants to close Blagrove Lane, which will force all the traffic from Evendons Lane, Doles Hill, Manor Rd and their subsidiary roads through an enlarged junction. Do you want to waste more time in traffic jams and endanger the children who go to Evendons Primary School?
  • Flooding: This development will increase the risk of flooding, which is already a problem in our area. The developer wants to cover a huge site with concrete, which will prevent the rainwater from soaking into the ground. The developer’s flood mitigation plan is flawed and will not work. Do you want to see your home flooded or damaged by water?
  • Wildlife: This development will take away more of our open countryside, which is vital for our quality of life. Once this land is developed, it will be gone forever, and we will lose our rural character and identity. Do you want to live in a concrete jungle?
  • Key Planning Objection: This development will breach the Wokingham-Barkham Settlement Gap, which is meant to preserve the distinct characters of Barkham and Wokingham. This land has never been designated for housing development, and it should remain so. Do you want to see Barkham and Wokingham merge into one urban sprawl?
  • Transport: This development will be unsustainable, as it relies on a public transport plan that is unrealistic and unreliable. The developer claims that the residents will use the No.3 bus service, which is already under threat and may be withdrawn soon. The developer has no guarantee that the bus service will be diverted to serve the site. Do you want to see more cars on the road and more pollution in the air?

These are just some of the reasons why you should object to this proposal. There are many more, and you can find them on our website here.

Please don’t delay, act now and save our Blagrove Countryside! The deadline is 28th December, and every objection counts. Together, we can stop this development and protect our community and our environment. Thank you for your support!

Ian Andrews